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What is is a Visual Search Engine that allows you to search across multiple search engines, sites, and countries all in one place.

Which icons are clickable?

All of the icons are clickable, every single one. Type in your query and then click on any icon that relates to your search (Web, News, Sports, Images, Videos, Shop, TV, Radio, or a site specific icon like Macys, ebay, Amazon, etc.). If you just want to go to a site then click on the icon without typing in a search term.

How do I see results for multiple search engines?

You can toggle through multiple search engine results by clicking on any of the top icons multiple times. The more times you click the more results appear from Bing, Google, Aol, Wikipedia, Blekko, Yahoo, and more. In some cases a single category like Web may have up to 14 sites to toggle through.

How can help me with online research? is a perfect tool for online research because it allows you to search across multiple search engines, sites, and countries all in one place. Not only can you cross reference data and results but you can compare data from country to country or site to site.

Is the shop icon the only icon that brings up products and services?

No. You can click on the icons that display specific sites to search on. ie. Payless, Armani Exchange, Zappos, Macys, Target, and more.

Why do some sites like Google, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube open in a new tab?

Some sites break out of iframes so allows them to open up in a new tab. It is also good practice not to input form information such as email logins and passwords inside of an iframe. For that reason, tries to open all email websites in separate tabs as well.

Can I still query the sites that break out of's iframe?

Yes. Enter your search term and click on the site of your choice. For searchable sites it will bring up the search results in a new tab. For non-searchable sites it will bring up the website in a new tab.

What is the Lock-It-N function for?

Lock-It-N was created to allow users to save their favorite sites. They can call up their favorites from any computer in the world by entering a Lock-It-N combination code. After entering the lock code and pressing "Unlock" the saved favorite site icons appear to the right of the main iframe.

How do I use Lock-It-N to create favorites?

Click on Lock-It-N and check all of the sites you would like to include in your favorites. Enter a four digit numeric, alphabetic, or alphanumeric combination and click submit to Lock-It-N.

How do I retrieve the Favorites I created with Lock-It-N?

Wherever you see "THE LOCK" enter your four digit combination, and it will unlock your favorites.

Can I create private Lock-It-N favorites for myself?

Yes. You can create an account and, as long as you're logged in, all of your Lock-It-N combinations belong to you.

What if I don't see the site I want in Lock-It-N?

Click on the "Add Site" link at the top right of Suggest the site you want to be able to use on and we will add it to the Lock-It-N page.

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